The welfare of the society that surrounds us depends on the growth of our business and the advancement of our employees and customers. That is why we invest in Mexico, primarily in education, as the most effective way to bring about lasting change and social development in this country.

Social contribution

Supported organizations   Amount donated by customers
  2011   2012
Unicef   $2,338,845   $2,437,219
Bécalos   $13,659,810   $13,517,600
Reforestamos México   $3,159,970   $2,561,910
Fundación Vivienda   $5,753,270   $4,553,965
Unidos por Ellos       $334,443
Total   $24,911,895   $23,405,137


Santander Universidades
The Global Santander Universidades division, with a team of 2,190 professionals in 17 countries, guides and manages Banco Santander’s commitment to higher education. Banco Santander has signed collaboration agreements with 1,027 universities in 20 countries. Our contribution to university collaboration projects reached EUR 130 million in 2012.

In Mexico, this program accounts for the vast majority of human and financial resources: 97% of funding for social responsibility programs and activities are distributed through Santander Universidades, and 180 people work exclusively for the academic and professional development of Mexico’s universities and university students. The Higher Education Support Plan for Mexico (PAES) involves the following core lines of action:

We encourage an interchange of university students and professors between countries and universities. In January 2012, we launched the Santander TOP Brazil scholarship program in Rio de Janeiro, involving 40 students and teachers from Mexico’s leading public universities.

The Federation of Private Mexican Higher Educational Institutions (FIMPES) and Grupo Financiero Santander, through Santander Universidades, designed a joint Santander-FIMPES scholarship program to promote inter-university research. The Santander-FIMPES scholarship offers Ps.150,000 to cover tuition, transport, books and lodging during the academic trimester or semester.

Santander Universidades also introduced a scholarship program for university professors, academics and administrators interested in taking workshops with U.S. institutions, for which we offered them funds to cover enrollment, food and lodging.

Santander Universidades and the Bank’s human resources department also granted 10 international exchange fellowships to outstanding students who are children of our employees.

Innovation and entrepreneurship
We encourage the development of this country by forging alliances and recognizing ideas that can have a positive impact on our society and economy, and which promote a culture of entrepreneurship among our young people. We demonstrated this commitment with the VII Santander Prize for Business Innovation, presented to the six winning teams by our Executive President, Marcos Martínez Gavica in a ceremony held in May 2012 at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso.

The cash prizes totaled Ps.1.6 million. In 2012, 1,042 young entrepreneurs answered the call for entries, 75.1% more than in 2011, and with 73.4% more projects than in the previous year; 156 universities took part, 57 more than in 2011.

Winners of the VII Santander Prize for Business Innovation 2011-2012
First Place
Category: Business innovation projects
Institution: Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Team members: Jonathan Hernández Díaz, Miguel Ángel González Ortiz, Luisa Villalobos Benítez y Génesis Brígida Valdez Ramos
Project: Biodimex

Biodimex developed an advanced biofuel based on castor or ricin oil. This biofuel provides superior lubrication and stability, less oxidation and higher yield than conventional diesel; it has a lower production cost and degree of contamination.

First Place
Category: Projects with social impact
Institution: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Team members: Pedro Ángel Bori Orozco y Nadia Margarita Guevara Reyes
Proyect: SMASH A BALL.

This electronic board game for children with visual disabilities improves their cognitive abilities and capacity to respond to stimulus.

On the other hand, through Red­Emprendia, we supported university entrepreneurs through corporate internships. In the first edition of the program New Entrepreneurs, Learning Entrepreneurship, Elizabeth Nava García, a graduate of the Marketing Department at ITESM Toluca, completed a three-month internship at the company 3R Ingeniería Ambiental, S.L. in Compostela, Spain.

Technological transfer
As part of our Higher Education Support Plan for Mexico, this year we donated over Ps.13 million to more than 15 universities for technological transfer, infrastructure, and a variety of university programs.

The student smart card (Tarjeta Universitaria Inteligente, TUI) is a significant technological support for university students and professors. It can be used not only as an ID card but can be linked to a debit account. So far, 1,600,435 cards have been issued to more than 70 universities in Mexico.

To support technology projects, we made a donation to the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes to build a technological classroom for its new South Campus.

University support
More than fifteen years of work in Mexico have earned Santander and its program, Santander Universidades, widespread recognition and support. In 2012, through the initiative Plans for the Nation: University Leaders Propose, Santander Universidades, Universia and the magazine Líderes Mexicanos presented 1,800 proposals from university leaders around the country to the four presidential candidates on building a new plan for the nation. The proposals were submitted by the Group’s Executive President, Marcos Martínez Gavica.

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