• Responsible Banking Report | 2020


Santander employee.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

To promote a strategy and culture within this area, we have a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that comprises 13 employees from a number of areas and organizational levels. The Committee is underpinned by four main pillars: Female Talent, Generational Talent, Disability and LGBT+, all on an Inclusive Leadership basis.

“Diversity and Inclusion allow us to attract the best talent to our organization by eliminating any unconscious bias that limits the way in which we see people, allowing us to see their true value. This is a clear example of human evolution, and I truly hope to see the day in which this is no longer an issue that we need to focus on“.

Ana F. López
Executive Director of Talent Attraction and Development

“Throughout my professional life, I have held a number of leadership positions, and being a Female Talent sponsor is one of the most important posts I have ever had. In my professional experience, I have led teams of talented women, and as a mother of two daughters, I am convinced that empowering through offering equal opportunities will help to drive their professional development. It is the job of women and men alike to build and contribute, and that is why I would like to invite them to join this gender network, allowing us to accomplish and accelerate this transformation together, achieving gender equality and a more diverse, inclusive and fairer world”.

Norma Castro
Female Talent Sponsor

“Generational diversity plays a fundamental role in ensuring full representation within our society, creating a mixture of experience, talent and learning that allows us to innovate, develop and collaborate to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. Our culture at Santander provides the perfect conditions to attract and retain the best talent of all ages and experiences thanks to our inclusive leadership”.

Juan Ignacio Echeverria
Generational Talent Sponsor

“For me, it is of the utmost importance that our way of working is underpinned by the premise that a diverse team will always perform better. As such, at Santander we recognize that people with disabilities contribute to the creation of a diverse team, enrich discussions, and consolidate the decision-making process to help tackle the challenges we face on a daily basis. That is why I am proud of the work being done by Santander to ensure that our Bank becomes more diverse and inclusive to the benefit of our employees, our customers and Mexican society in general”.

Rodrigo Brand de Lara
Disability Sponsor

“Santander Mexico must be a safe place for every one of us who works there; a workplace where our differences are valued; one where these differences combine to help us reach our goals; an environment that does not limit the professional or personal potential of any employee because their development is based on their skills and aptitude for getting the job done; an environment where all employees feel respected and accepted; one where you can be yourself in every aspect, including your sexual orientation”.

Héctor Chávez
LGBT+ Sponsor

“From within the D&I Committee, we have driven efforts to create an inclusive culture. A Santander leader is a person who embodies the behaviors for which we are renowned; a person who shows respect to his or her team, values and listens to their opinions, works with passion, and promotes collaboration. This type of leadership recognizes the importance of equal opportunities, the personal-work life balance, and the importance of a healthy work environment, one in which we all feel respected, accepted and valued”.

Fernando Quesada
Inclusive Leadership Sponsor

Diversity and Inclusion Committee